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Google Store Visits Conversion Metric Lands in NZ!

It has to be said that Google fully deserves its success as a search engine be it only for the sophisticated and clever tools it puts at businesses’ disposal to analyse traffic and build informed online ad campaigns. Shopping has, however, become increasingly complex and, despite the wealth of information available in AdWords, it was […]

Why Test Landing Pages on Your Website

Search engine optimisation is a constant work in progress. There is NO quick and easy way to the top – you MUST earn it. Getting traffic to your website through SEO is an achievement, but staying in strong positions in Google for numerous keyword variations, and continuing to generate traffic to your website is the […]

Online Marketing Reporting Shouldn’t Be Painful, Right?

If you are an SEO Consultant, Digital Marketing Consultant or SEM Manager, you have probably spent many mind-numbing hours putting together reports for the powers that be or your clients on the success of your website marketing initiatives. Just collecting the data is bad enough—but bringing it all together in EXCEL can easily make anybody just […]

How to Measure Your Website Performance

You have done everything right: a lavish design, engaging content with a clear path for your visitors, and thorough Search Engine Optimisation. But now that it is live, how can you measure website performance? If your site doesn’t yield the results you expected, it is of course essential to understand the reasons why, but even […]

New Zealand Is An Online Opportunity for Your Business

There are hundreds of businesses in New Zealand with fantastic websites. But many of these websites are under-performing in terms of SEO, website traffic and ROI. We are introduced to so many business owners and marketing managers who are frustrated by their static websites that aren’t enjoying healthy numbers of visitors or sales, and which […]