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Feed the Beast

How do you use data you already have in your business to help your online marketing?

You’re collecting emails, first names, last names, addresses and mobile phone numbers. Your tracking devices and visitors to your website. You know who your best customers are. Great! And in this ‘data-led’ world, you probably know you should be using all of the information you’ve collected to help your digital marketing efforts – to get […]

Andrew and Steve Preach AI/ML at #NZSOMO

The mammoth topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) was at the heart of a talk delivered by Andrew and Steve at Conferenz’s NZ Social Media Forum conference on July 23rd. Their talk aimed to give attendees a simple and clear overview of what this technology is, how it works and how it […]

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Google Store Visits Conversion Metric Lands in NZ!

It has to be said that Google fully deserves its success as a search engine be it only for the sophisticated and clever tools it puts at businesses’ disposal to analyse traffic and build informed online ad campaigns. Shopping has, however, become increasingly complex and, despite the wealth of information available in AdWords, it was […]

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Simple How-Tos for Google My Business

Geolocation is increasingly important for retail businesses. Largely a mobile-driven phenomenon, the number of queries including “near me” has grown steadily over the years and, according to Google, a third of searches on mobile phones are indeed about finding local information. But if there is one thing that is frustrating for a customer, it is […]

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What “How to” Google Searches Reveal About Us and How It Can Benefit Your Business

According to Google’s News Lab, ‘how to’ searches have increased by 140% since 2004. It is well known that, generation after generation, we lose practical knowledge. Mankind may have made breathtaking advances in science and technology, but at the other hand of the spectrum, how many people could turn a sheep’s fleece into a thread […]

TSU Supports the 2017 Broadband Compare Awards

In a time of internet providers-a-plenty, it can be hard to choose one amongst hundreds. Who is the cheapest? The fastest? Who has the best customer service? Thanks to Broadbrand Compare, you can easily compare New Zealand internet providers to find the best service and broadband plan that fits your needs. At ThisSideUp we are […]

Google’s Store Visits Metric in AdWords

If your business is purely online, marketing programmes like Adwords are a godsend. They give you all the statistics you could dream of on your campaign as well as on various Key Performance Indicators such as Return on Investment, conversion rates and sales goals, and they are 100% representative of your customers’ activity since all […]

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5 Points To Keep In Mind About CRO

First things first, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the acronym ‘CRO’, it stands for Conversion Rate Optimisation, i.e. how to increase the rate at which visitors to your website turn into buyers, subscribers or fresh leads. This definition alone shows the importance of this metric: which business wouldn’t want a better hit […]