Custom Digital Dashboard Reporting Made Easy

Are you experiencing data overload and are searching for simple and clear reports? Do you have a variety of data sources that you have to log into for data collection? Can you sometimes feel lost in a sea of numbers? If so, we understand your pain and recommend considering a bespoke multi source dashboard!

These specialised reports only give you information on what matters, removing the data clutter we are so often faced with. This makes it easy to assess performance at a glance without navigating through several software platforms.

By presenting data from many sources in a clear and digestible way, time poor Managers get the executive summary they desire. This serves as a significant advantage as competitors are left flailing in a flood of data, not knowing what to do with it.

For those who lack human resources, allocating time to collect, analyse and present data may be challenging and costly. Well, why not ask us to do it for you?

There are many benefits to outsourcing your reporting to This Side Up:

  • It will free up your time and gives you the extra manpower you need, only when you need it.
  • We are experts. We have the latest reporting tools and deal with digital marketing and business data on a daily basis.
  • We understand business on a macro level and know how important and effective having the right reports, in the right hands, at the right time can be.
  • We love working with data. Heck we even have an Engineer in our team who eats data for breakfast!
  • Outsourcing your reporting improves economy and efficiency. We are there only when you need us, rather than having to pay a regular salary to a dedicated in-house team member who you may not be able to keep busy full time.
  • We deliver reports unbranded so you can add your own logo. To your clients or directors, our role will be invisible and you will get all the credit! – we don’t mind at all, honest.
  • The reports are delivered digitally, and as all information is web based we can assist you wherever in the world your business is.

What will you find in our reports?

Reports are fully customisable, so you can have as little or as much as you want. What’s even better is that we can create several reports for different people in your organisation who each have unique needs. You can also choose the frequency and date range of reporting.

Data can be extracted from popular portals such as Google Analytics, DropBox and Twitter but we can also connect with more specialised tools like Mailchimp or Excel. Not to mention dozens of lesser known software! Some ideas for reports are as below:

  • Weekly high level paid search activity reports, ideal for busy decision-makers who don’t want to see the nitty girtty info.
  • Organic traffic dashboards to illustrate the performance of SEO efforts month on month.
  • Website overviews showing performance based on channel including sales and goal completions
  • Executive suites bringing in data from several sources for the real control centre experience

Our dashboards provide all the key information you need to monitor your key business functions and adjust activities accordingly. Thanks to an attractive interface, all data is easy to find and read and will project an image of professionalism.

How much does it cost?

As mentioned earlier, our reports are custom built and our pricing reflects how detailed you want them to be. As a guideline however, a simple dashboard begins at NZ$50/month.

Outsourcing your reporting needs can be a business changing decision. These days we are swamped with data and really need to be able to flesh out what matters to help drive business actions.

Contact for further information on the reporting services we can provide or to request a bespoke plan of action for your reporting needs.

We’d love to hear about what sort of dashboard reports you are after and whether we can help to create them! You’ll be surprised at the wide range of software that we can work with!

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