Digital Marketing Conference for Marketers, Friday 14th November in Auckland

If you’re based in Auckland (or live pretty close-by) then you may be interested in coming along to a half day conference focused on Digital Marketing. It’s called “Digital Marketing for Marketers” and it’ll be packed with the latest trends and techniques for maximising your digital presence.

It’s part of a series which is run quarterly by Creative People (another digital agency in Auckland), and this time round This Side Up are one of the 3 speakers. This is a genuine workshop where you can learn about the latest trends and techniques for maximising your digital presence.

Other speakers include Debra Chantry – an ex-lecturer from the Marketing Association and the University of Auckland Business School, and Regan Hall – Digital Strategist and Founder of Auckland Digital Agency Creative People.

The conference is being held on Friday 14th November 2014 from 8:00 am – 11:30 am at SkyCity Convention Centre, and you can purchase tickets online here.

Here is what’s being covered:

Inbound Marketing – The 5 critical steps to success:

  • Attract traffic
  • Convert visitors into leads
  • Close – convert those leads into sales
  • Delight – Turn customers into repeat higher margin customers and promoters
  • Analyse for continuous improvement

Social Media – Latest social media stats, research and trends that are hot right now:

  • The latest in social media stats, research and trends that matter right now.
  • Who’s doing what and why? Case studies from the best in the industry.
  • Some of the best tools for making social work better and more efficiently for your company

Email Marketing – Who’s doing what and why? Case studies and best practice.

  • How to build a quality database of people who want your content.
  • Frequency – what is best for your business/brand?
  • Who’s doing what and why? Case studies from the best in the industry.

Search Engine Marketing – How to drive more traffic to your website via search engines:


  • A brief look at how SEO has evolved
  • Modern criteria for how search engines rank websites
  • Key tactics to focus on in 2015


  • Why use Adwords?
  • The different types of Adwords marketing available for your business
  • How to measure a return on investment to ensure you are getting the right results

So if you are interested in learning about how to get more from your digital marketing budget from some of NZ’s top digital experts who have real world practical experience as directors of leading Auckland digital marketing companies, then purchase a ticket and we’ll see you there!

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