Benefits of Using Press Releases for Internet Marketing

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with special offers and direct marketing emails, it can be challenging to STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD and make yourself heard. However, press releases, when used correctly, can do just that and will help you grab people’s attention.

Think of yourself as a band, playing a gig at a venue, with 3 other acts also playing on the same night. What’s going to make your set so memorable? How are you going to be like Kelly and his band Bloc Party?

Bloc Party Gig - Like a Press Release That Really Stood Out

The benefits of using press releases for internet marketing purposes isn’t only for large multinational companies – small and medium-sized businesses can also use it to their advantage. You may not land on the front page of news websites, but submitting press releases to reputable online news agencies and business directories can give you that extra exposure that will bring new customers to you.

Of course, it isn’t about just writing any press release, it is about making an impact with a GREAT press release.

First Things First: A Memorable Headline
We live in times of over-information so you need to come up with a striking, memorable headline which will immediately engage your readers and make them want to know more. Don’t be afraid of being specific, as generic, less meaningful titles may well fail to capture your audience’s interest.

What’s Your Point?
Remember that the first people to read your press release will be journalists and other staff who have numerous press releases clamouring for attention on their computers. They will generally read only the first paragraph before accepting or rejecting yours, so to make sure that to help get through these gatekeepers, that you sum up what your story is about in your opening.

Stick to the Facts
If there is a budding novel writer in you, don’t let him/her anywhere near the keyboard when you are writing your press release!

Press releases are about facts, and there are other, more effective channels to express your long-term strategy and vision or website marketing spiel (and your literary talent!). You are trying to market your business online, share results, impress potential clients and investors. So provide figures, concrete outcomes, and statistics – but numbers can get a bit dry so remember to always make your copywriting interesting to read of course.

What Now?
The end goal of press releases is to win over more customers, so you need some form of call to action. To this end, not only does your copy need to present facts, but it also needs to interpret them for your readers.

Like any internet marketing tool, it isn’t so much about describing as it is about underlining benefits to customers. You have had a great year? Your directors must be pleased. Potential clients? They will be much more interested to know that you will be able to offer more services for this reason, a new website, longer shopping hours, etc…

Quality NOT Quantity
Like with many things in internet marketing, “less is more”. By submitting press releases too often for news that are not really newsworthy, interest will wane and momentous events may go unnoticed. So think carefully about when you want to bring in the big guns, and to keep in touch with clients on a regular basis, make ample use of channels like Facebook, Google Plus, Email or Twitter.