Why Choose Us

We have an excellent track record of producing highly rewarding and creative Google AdWords and PPC marketing campaigns for businesses across a wide-range of industries. Since 2008 we’ve worked on 100s of different campaigns, from SMEs through to well-known New Zealand household brands and corporates.

Our ingredients for success

  • Full skill set

    We combine technical, creative and analytical skills to deliver innovative PPC campaigns. This important blend of skills allows us to not only deliver campaigns with technical integrity and creative messaging, but to make data-led decisions on future campaign tactics and refinement.

  • A fit-for-purpose campaign

    We will do our best to understand your audience before developing an appropriate strategy to engage them.

    Our PPC campaigns tend to involve search engine advertising with traditional text adverts, display advertising with banner ads, remarketing and social media advertising to increase visibility of your brand and drive targeted traffic to your site. We’ll make recommendations about what combination of media platforms are appropriate to reach your audience.

  • Traffic that converts

    We are performance focused and well experienced with conversion rate optimisation (CRO), and will draw on this knowledge to provide recommendations on how you can increase enquiries/sales from your website and marketing spend.

  • Data to inform decisions

    We will setup tracking that allows full visibility on the effectiveness of our PPC campaigns. Typically this includes setting up Google Analytics conversion goals, heatmaps to analyse behaviour on key website landing pages, and where appropriate - phone tracking.

    We believe in data led decisions, enabling us to make informed decisions about day-to-day campaign management and future strategy.

  • Agile management

    Paid search marketing should be a tactical form of digital marketing, ready to act upon a change in your business, market, goals or to the data we collect. That’s why we take an agile approach to campaign management to meet these requirements.

Our PPC Process

We have developed a proven methodology for creating and managing high performance PPC campaigns. We invest considerable expertise and energy into the development of your campaign before it goes live.

Here’s an overview of our planning process:

  • Campaign briefing

    We will work with you to understand your business, industry sector and key goals for the campaign. The team involved in the briefing process will be responsible for executing your PPC campaign.

  • Existing campaigns

    If you have already been running PPC marketing then we will audit your existing campaign to identify what the most successful components were so we can continue to implement them. We’ll also look for key areas of opportunity that exist and make recommendations for improvement, based on best practice.

  • Keyword research

    Based on your brief, we carry out comprehensive keyword research to identify what your audience are searching for online, and will present this data to you for review and feedback.

  • Competitor research

    We look at your key competitors’ activities to get an understanding of their current paid search advertising strategies. This helps us to develop a strategy on what we will do to compete and then outmaneuver them.

  • Ad messages and banner design

    Based on your brief, services/products, content on your website and key campaign goals, we will develop a first draft of the proposed text and display banner creative advertising messages. What we create will be dependent on what media platforms we are executing as part of the paid digital strategy.

    We’ll create multiple ad variations so that we can test performance of each to see what combination of words used or display creative results in the highest number of clicks, engagement and goal conversions.

  • Website review

    We will review your website and use our expertise in conversion rate optimisation to make initial recommendations on what improvements you should consider to improve the level of leads/enquiries on the site.

    You may wish to consider our comprehensive conversion rate optimisation services as your campaign matures to generate a higher return on investment (ROI).

  • Goal conversion tracking

    We will audit existing goals you have in place, and make recommendations as appropriate for additional goals to setup. This will enable us to track and manage campaign progress against agreed key performance indicators (KPIs), and assist with future decision-making.

    The majority of goals will be setup in Google Analytics, however we also use other 3rd party tracking tools when needed for goal tracking requirements such as phone calls or heat mapping. We will usually need to work with your existing website provider to have the goals setup correctly, so it’s important they are fully on-board with the campaign.

  • Go live!

    Once the PPC campaign has been approved by you - we make it live! During and after launch we test all elements, monitor the initial data and keep a very close eye on performance. We’ll often make some early adjustments to the campaign based on how the audience and competitors are responding.

  • Campaign management and refinement

    Following the successful launch of your PPC campaign we are continually optimising your campaign to get the best results.

    From weeding out non-performing keywords, adjusting bids for keywords that are performing well, adding negative keywords to improve keyword targeting, to split testing ads, or testing out different landing page designs through conversion rate optimisation, we continually work hard to refine your campaign and improve your return on investment. We’ll also tell you straight up if it’s not working, and that we may need to adjust our strategy and tactics!

  • Campaign reporting

    Every month we’ll keep you informed about campaign performance. We provide emailed reports with key performance indicators and metrics that apply to your campaign. We can also provide bespoke custom dashboard reports from Google Analytics if required to meet your specific reporting requirements.

    For larger accounts we encourage quarterly meetings to learn about any changes in your business, discuss campaign performance and plan for the next quarter. We believe in developing rewarding relationships with our clients where we become a valued part of your marketing team.


All campaigns have a separate setup and fixed monthly management fee.

Pricing is based on the brief you provide and specific campaign requirements that we will work through with you as part of the discovery process.

We operate on a fixed management fee and in some instances also operate campaigns where our fees are linked to a percentage of media spend, however it’s a case-by-case basis.

Our minimum setup fee for a ‘starter’ Google AdWords PPC campaign is $750+gst, and a monthly campaign management and reporting fee starting at $300+gst.

Variables that affect our fee include the media platform we’ll be running your advertising (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn for example), the number of countries you want to target through Google AdWords search engine advertising, whether you are running an e-commerce website, who’s providing ad creative, your media spend, and the complexity of your industry sector (to name just a few!).

We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all approach’, so your campaign setup and management fees are bespoke to your business.

You can completely outsource your AdWords PPC campaign to us or request us to consult on a specific element - we are open to discuss this based on your current needs.

  • Contract

    We develop clear bespoke contracts with our clients that clearly illustrate what we will deliver as part of the campaign.

    In the best interests of campaign performance we require an initial 4-month commitment period so that we have the appropriate amount of time to manage, analyse and optimise the campaign to improve results.

  • Customer retention

    85% of our clients continue past the initial 4-month period due to their satisfaction with our paid search marketing services, the great support we provide and the results we have achieved for them.