Get Cosy with Social Media Marketing

Whether you love or hate social media marketing platforms, they are here to stay. As of 2013, it is estimated that 750 million unique visitors worldwide visit Facebook each month, followed by Twitter with 250 million and LinkedIn with 110 million. The new kid on the block, Google+, is already counting 65 million unique visitors […]

Why Test Landing Pages on Your Website

Search engine optimisation is a constant work in progress. There is NO quick and easy way to the top – you MUST earn it. Getting traffic to your website through SEO is an achievement, but staying in strong positions in Google for numerous keyword variations, and continuing to generate traffic to your website is the […]

Is Responsive Web Design for SEO Worth It?

We are a mobile species; we want everything and we want it NOW! Since the birth of tablets and smartphones, the idea of having to wait until we are back home to have internet access and look for information, catch up with the news, complete a purchase is becoming more and more alien. Sometimes just […]

Should You Run Your Own Google Adwords Campaigns?

Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) such as Google Adwords and Microsoft Bing, the 2 main platforms, can do wonders for a business and draw a lot of clients to its website fast. If your company’s marketing budget is limited, the temptation will be great to do as much as you can yourself, including your PPC campaigns. After […]

How Does Google Adwords Remarketing Work?

Google Adwords Remarketing is a great way to reach out to people who have previously paid a visit to your website and remind them of your presence by displaying adverts that speak directly to them whenever they visit other Google Display Network sites. How Remarketing works: All you need to do is add a piece […]

The Different Types of Google Adwords Display Campaigns

Pitching to your target audience across millions of websites can be a challenging task, but with the targeting tools available through the Google Adwords Display Network, you will be able to get the message across to potential customers with ease. The three main types of Google Adwords Display Campaign targeting tools are: 1. Contextual Targeting […]

Make the Most of Increased Mothers Day Online Search Traffic

It’s that time of year when we take time out to appreciate our Mum’s. All their hard work, dedication and commitment. Good on you Mum! So when special occasions such as Mother’s Day (12th May – don’t forget!) or Valentine’s Day roll around, many people turn to the internet to find special gifts for their […]

How to Choose Keywords for Your Website SEO Strategy

Your website is your most powerful, flexible, cost-effective sales and marketing tool, a cornerstone of your business’s success. Well, that is, if people can find it … You probably already know that Search Engine Optimisation, or “SEO”, the techniques that help your website being ranked higher by search engines such as Google, relies on ‘keywords’. That […]