How To Get Started With Your Website Marketing Campaign?

Whether you are a start-up business or a well-established company, you know that putting your products and services ‘out there on the net’ is one of the keys to your success. So you may have a website, but what about your website marketing campaign? Digital marketing channels are numerous, social media networks playing an ever-increasing […]

Content Marketing and SEO – A Match Made in Heaven

Telemarketing, email marketing, online advertising billboards, TV commercials, direct mail marketing… Nowadays, businesses have a somewhat bewildering array of channels available to them to pursue potential customers. Unfortunately, in a saturated market where companies clamour for our attention incessantly, the more people are being bombarded with messages, the more they ignore them: they record TV […]

What Is Google AdWords? How Does the Auction Work?

A lot more people than I would expect say to me “Steve, exactly what is Google AdWords, and how does the whole thing really work?”. This also includes some agencies and web companies I’ve met, so it just shows you if they are are not 100% sure, businesses must really struggle to get it! It […]

What is a Rich Snippet?

I can see some raised eyebrows and perplexed expressions. What is a rich snippet? And how can it help search engine optimisation? it’s small, but it’s MIGHTY! Cast your mind to what a page of search results in looks like on your screen. The main section shows Google’s natural search results (also called organic […]

What is the Google SEO Algorithm?

Google seem to have an issue with the concept of “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”. We are, of course, talking about their continuous algorithms updates – the top secret procedures and calculations used by Google to rank sites’ content and return search engine results. Each year, Google changes its search algorithm around 500–600 […]

How To Write Engaging Website Content

It sounds quite obvious: nobody likes to be bored. Especially if you happen to be Charlie Brown. But when it comes to the highly competitive world of website marketing to customers, there is the added challenge that you have little time to grab your clients’ attention before they go somewhere else. But apart from the entertaining […]

5 Tips On How To Make Adwords More Effective

Even with the most attractive website and the best search engine optimisation marketing in the world, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd on the web. With potentially millions of competitors worldwide, Adwords or Pay Per Click advertising (also referred to as PPC) can be this extra push that puts your website […]