The Value in Google’s Call-Only Ad Option

Google has recently introduced a new feature to its PPC arsenal – that being call only ad campaigns. This is an interesting new innovation to observe in the year in which mobile web traffic is expected to outperform desktop for the first time. These new ads appear very similar to traditional Adwords and still contain […]

How to Take Advantage of the Christmas Frenzy to Increase Website Traffic

The air is sweet with the smell of bbq’d sausages, sunglasses are out and the beaches are packed. Summer is here and it’s Christmas again! While everybody is enjoying the great outdoors, retailers are hard at work. Of all the holidays, Christmas is the most important in terms of business, and for many companies, the […]

Digital Marketing Conference for Marketers, Friday 14th November in Auckland

If you’re based in Auckland (or live pretty close-by) then you may be interested in coming along to a half day conference focused on Digital Marketing. It’s called “Digital Marketing for Marketers” and it’ll be packed with the latest trends and techniques for maximising your digital presence. It’s part of a series which is run quarterly by […]

Adwords Search Advertising Lifts Brand Awareness

As an astute business person, you already know that paid search advertising – like Google Adwords, is about driving more traffic to your website and hopefully converting visitors into qualified leads or a sale. Or is it? What if it had another unsuspected, yet powerful contribution to make to your digital marketing strategy? A recent meta-study run […]

Does Video Add Value to Your Organic Search Results?

Today, I’ve got a featured guest, Jolyon Ludbrook, who is a Film and Video Producer with over 12 years experience producing videos for business of all shapes and sizes. I asked Jolyon to help me write this post about the value of including video content as part of your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy, and why you […]

SEO is Dead? Long Live The “New” Age of SEO!

If you are wondering what this somewhat cryptic headline is about, fear not, it will all be revealed. SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process by which you help web crawlers notice your website and improve rankings so that, hopefully, you appear in the organic results (natural results, below the paid ads) when your products […]

How Google+ Can Benefit Your Website’s Ranking

It seems like an ironic paradox that while Google is our search engine par excellence, businesses are, on the whole, still rather perplexed by Google+, its social media network, which remains largely under-utilised compared to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, although marketing through Google+ has been heralded as the online marketing trend for 2014. Launched on […]