PPC Audience Targeting Trends

The PPC Audience Targeting Trends to Watch in 2016

Autumn is in the air; April heralds the beginning of a new tax year and with it comes the time to set goals for your business. Whether you are in retail or B2B, you will start asking yourself how much you should spend on marketing this year, and perhaps, more importantly, on what. Pay-per-click is […]

five adwords tips

The AdWords High Five: Things You Should Be Doing Regularly in Your Account

When it comes to online advertising in all its forms, your work is never done. Take Google AdWords for example, displaying ads relevant to searches at a point where users are thinking about buying. You can’t find much more effective advertising than that! Yet, without regular monitoring and fine-tuning, even the most accurately designed campaign […]

Axed Sidebar Ads

Google Axe Right-Hand Sidebar AdWords Ads

Google have done it again… Online marketers like us will tell you how many times they have pulled their hair out when Google released an algorithm update. With each update, strategies have to be re-evaluated and tweaked as website rankings in search results reshuffle in major ways, and this year we have already seen Google […]

Auckland dynamic remarketing

Dynamic Retargeting For Ecommerce Websites

A few months ago, we published an article on remarketing, and how it enables businesses to remain at the forefront of visitors’ minds after they have left a website. Dynamic retargeting, also known as ‘dynamic remarketing’, is a similar ad strategy which is particularly effective to support ecommerce sites. How does it work? Remarketing is […]

PPC and CRO Combination

How PPC and CRO Work Together For Better Results

Developing a successful digital marketing strategy involves several specialised areas such as on-site optimisation, Pay-per-Click (PPC), Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), content marketing and Social Media Marketing (SMM), to name but a few. As soon as a company reaches a certain size, it becomes necessary to divide those tasks between several individuals. And that’s when the […]

Custom Digital Dashboard Reporting Made Easy

Are you experiencing data overload and are searching for simple and clear reports? Do you have a variety of data sources that you have to log into for data collection? Can you sometimes feel lost in a sea of numbers? If so, we understand your pain and recommend considering a bespoke multi source dashboard!