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Is Bing Advertising Worth It In New Zealand?

When businesses and digital marketers talk about ‘pay-per-click’ or ‘ppc’ advertising, really what they are referring to is Google AdWords. Which makes sense, as the search engine giant dominates the world’s internet queries, with almost 75% of searches being conducted using Google globally, rising to 90% when performed through a mobile device. That sure is […]

AdWords Grant REquirements

Changes to Google AdWords Grant Policies for Not-for-Profits

For a number of years, Google has generously been running an AdWords program for charities in over 50 countries, giving away up to US$10,000 worth of free in-kind advertisement on Google Adwords per month. The criteria for eligibility are simple enough that it has benefited a large number of not-for-profit organisations – 35,000 to date […]

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What “How to” Google Searches Reveal About Us and How It Can Benefit Your Business

According to Google’s News Lab, ‘how to’ searches have increased by 140% since 2004. It is well known that, generation after generation, we lose practical knowledge. Mankind may have made breathtaking advances in science and technology, but at the other hand of the spectrum, how many people could turn a sheep’s fleece into a thread […]

Benefits of a Facebook Business Page Over a Personal Profile

When you think about the phenomenal success of Facebook, it is hard to imagine that it started as a social network connecting some student colleges. Nowadays, it has become the way to organise your life and keep in touch with people all around the world, but it is also widely used by businesses to engage with customers. […]

Google’s Latest Measure to Make Chrome Safer

According to a 2016 survey realised by PricewaterhouseCoopers, cybercrime is the second most reported crime nowadays. Data theft is indeed a major concern for businesses, and substantial safety breaches make the headlines regularly even among governmental organisations. In 2011, Sony PlayStation Network reported the biggest theft at the time, with the customer records of 77 […]

TSU Supports the 2017 Broadband Compare Awards

In a time of internet providers-a-plenty, it can be hard to choose one amongst hundreds. Who is the cheapest? The fastest? Who has the best customer service? Thanks to Broadbrand Compare, you can easily compare New Zealand internet providers to find the best service and broadband plan that fits your needs. At ThisSideUp we are […]

Instagram Tools For Businesses

Instagram Tools for Business

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have heard of Instagram. Like Facebook, the photo-sharing website has now permeated every layer of society, so much so that it is difficult to comprehend how we survived before it existed! From its humble beginnings as yet another social network platform, it has since carved its place […]