How Can Adwords and SEO Help Your Business?

With the growth of online enterprises, it has become crucial for marketers to explore different kinds of tools to attract customers and boost their business. Search Engine Optimisation, commonly known as “SEO” is one such powerful technique that can provide plenty of business opportunities for companies to reap tangible business benefits. ====Return on Investment (ROI) […]

Why Google Instant is a Business Opportunity

Heard of Google Instant yet? Well if not, you will soon! It’s Google’s latest attempt to make their search engine faster than anyone else’s. Faster, sexier, smarter. It’s faster because, now, as you type your search query into Google, results appear AS YOU TYPE. And the results change as you continue to type and refine […]

New Zealand Is An Online Opportunity for Your Business

There are hundreds of businesses in New Zealand with fantastic websites. But many of these websites are under-performing in terms of SEO, website traffic and ROI. We are introduced to so many business owners and marketing managers who are frustrated by their static websites that aren’t enjoying healthy numbers of visitors or sales, and which […]

Have You Heard of the Website Marketing Pyramid?

There is such a thing as the website marketing pyramid. But it’s not a scheme. It’s a strategy. It has to do with your online marketing budget – if you’re savvy enough to have one that is – and when, where & how much you spend. Are you a “traditional marketing” junkie? When typical “traditional […]