Design a Clear Website Journey for Your Visitors

7, Seven This is the number of seconds a visitor will spend on a website on average before deciding whether to stay or go. In this kind of time, all they can really take in is whether your website is likely to offer them what they are looking for by scanning the menu and the content […]

How to Measure Your Website Performance

You have done everything right: a lavish design, engaging content with a clear path for your visitors, and thorough Search Engine Optimisation. But now that it is live, how can you measure website performance? If your site doesn’t yield the results you expected, it is of course essential to understand the reasons why, but even […]

Do You Have a Website Marketing Strategy for Your Business?

  A smart website marketing strategy should begin with well-defined goals and milestones. How many site visitors, customer inquiries, newsletter subscribers, or followers do you hope to gain? Where do you want to be visible online? Is your website marketing goal to sell more products, announce a new product, or increase awareness for your brand / […]

Has the Google Penguin SEO Update Affected Your Business?

The Google Penguin SEO update, targeted at web spam, was launched on April 24th this year and has since then become a topic of hot debate and discussion. Why? Because a number of website owners and so called SEO “specialists” that had been enjoying good rankings in the search engines before the update are now scrambling to […]