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Should You IGTV? The Short On Instagram TV

Reaching 1 billion users is quite an achievement. And to celebrate, Instagram launched their own mobile only video-based app, Instagram TV, or IGTV if you are down with the lingo. What is it? IGTV was developed with a mobile-first audience in mind, purposely designed for how humans actually use their phone – full screen and […]

Benefits of a Facebook Business Page Over a Personal Profile

When you think about the phenomenal success of Facebook, it is hard to imagine that it started as a social network connecting some student colleges. Nowadays, it has become the way to organise your life and keep in touch with people all around the world, but it is also widely used by businesses to engage with customers. […]

Instagram Tools For Businesses

Instagram Tools for Business

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have heard of Instagram. Like Facebook, the photo-sharing website has now permeated every layer of society, so much so that it is difficult to comprehend how we survived before it existed! From its humble beginnings as yet another social network platform, it has since carved its place […]

Why the 2017 New Zealand General Election Will Be Won Online

This September’s election will probably see just as many berms and back gardens sprouting the usual crop of billboards – but, more than ever before in New Zealand political history, voters will likely make up their minds off the back of what they hear via digital media. The fact that a new battalion of social […]

How to Take Advantage of the Christmas Frenzy to Increase Website Traffic

The air is sweet with the smell of bbq’d sausages, sunglasses are out and the beaches are packed. Summer is here and it’s Christmas again! While everybody is enjoying the great outdoors, retailers are hard at work. Of all the holidays, Christmas is the most important in terms of business, and for many companies, the […]

How Google+ Can Benefit Your Website’s Ranking

It seems like an ironic paradox that while Google is our search engine par excellence, businesses are, on the whole, still rather perplexed by Google+, its social media network, which remains largely under-utilised compared to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, although marketing through Google+ has been heralded as the online marketing trend for 2014. Launched on […]

Get Cosy with Social Media Marketing

Whether you love or hate social media marketing platforms, they are here to stay. As of 2013, it is estimated that 750 million unique visitors worldwide visit Facebook each month, followed by Twitter with 250 million and LinkedIn with 110 million. The new kid on the block, Google+, is already counting 65 million unique visitors […]