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Responsive Search Ads – More Space For Your Business!

Sometimes, 30 characters is just too damn limiting to get your message across. What if we told you that Google has created a new Google Ads feature that adapts to show more text and deliver more relevant messages to your customers?  Hello, opportunities! RSA, not the one you are thinking though Google’s new Responsive Search […]

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Google Store Visits Conversion Metric Lands in NZ!

It has to be said that Google fully deserves its success as a search engine be it only for the sophisticated and clever tools it puts at businesses’ disposal to analyse traffic and build informed online ad campaigns. Shopping has, however, become increasingly complex and, despite the wealth of information available in AdWords, it was […]

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Bro, Do You Even YouTube Advertise?

From adorable pet videos to car maintenance and beauty advice, YouTube has become as much an entertainment channel as TV and is the second biggest search engine after Google itself! In fact, in the US, teenagers spend more time watching YouTube than conventional channels and monetising such popularity was a priority for Google when they […]

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Is Bing Advertising Worth It In New Zealand?

When businesses and digital marketers talk about ‘pay-per-click’ or ‘ppc’ advertising, really what they are referring to is Google AdWords. Which makes sense, as the search engine giant dominates the world’s internet queries, with almost 75% of searches being conducted using Google globally, rising to 90% when performed through a mobile device. That sure is […]

Why the 2017 New Zealand General Election Will Be Won Online

This September’s election will probably see just as many berms and back gardens sprouting the usual crop of billboards – but, more than ever before in New Zealand political history, voters will likely make up their minds off the back of what they hear via digital media. The fact that a new battalion of social […]