Pac-Maps From Google

Google has a bit of a reputation for having fun with its products. We have all come across their interesting banners on the search engine’s homepage which are often relevant to world-wide events or anniversaries. Google also likes to have a laugh on April fools’. Some of use might recall last year’s Pokémon overhaul where the cartoon creatures were scattered all over the world on Google Maps and users could catch them for one day only. This generated a massive following and really showed just how awesome Google’s serious but fun attitude towards their work is. April 1st this year is no different and today we came across Pacman overlaid on the streets in Google Maps. On mobile, a new “insert coin” option is given on the maps menu and when this happens you are directed to a Google URL which instructs you on how to play the game. Screenshot_2015-04-01-09-31-37 As an added step you have to figure out clues to determine where to go on maps to play. Once there you hit the little Pacman button to get started. We discovered Times Square as an answer to one of the clues and went there to play a few rounds of Pacman before the boss got to work! Pac-Maps Button On desktop it is much easier and it appears as though you can play wherever you map lies just by clicking the Pacman graphic at the base of the screen. Get in on the fun earlier rather than later as the game isn’t expected to be around more than a few days!

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