Approval Software - Saved Our Bacon

How Approval Software Saved Our Bacon

It’s Steve writing this post. I’ve been running This Side Up for a while now, and wanted to share a story with you about something that happened over the Christmas/New Year period. And how a tool that we use, called Nodd, literally saved our bacon! The quick version goes like this: An exciting new project […]

This Side Up, Out and About

Tis the season out there and This Side Up have been out and about! Where you might ask? Well, you may have seen us at this year’s IAB NZ Awards, having a few drinks and cutting some shapes on the dance floor, as well as taking home a prize or two. This November, we were […]

Responsive Search Ads – More Space For Your Business!

Sometimes, 30 characters is just too damn limiting to get your message across. What if we told you that Google has created a new Google Ads feature that adapts to show more text and deliver more relevant messages to your customers?  Hello, opportunities! RSA, not the one you are thinking though Google’s new Responsive Search […]

IAB NZ Awards Winners 2018 This Side Up Digital

Double Award-Winning Night at IAB NZ Awards 2018

The IAB NZ Awards were held at MOTAT on 30th August, and This Side Up had two big wins! Extremely proud to receive the ‘Best Use of Data’ and ‘Search Sales Excellence’ Awards against some really strong competition. At This Side Up, our success is generally measured by the success of our clients – but, […]

Should You IGTV? The Short On Instagram TV

Reaching 1 billion users is quite an achievement. And to celebrate, Instagram launched their own mobile only video-based app, Instagram TV, or IGTV if you are down with the lingo. What is it? IGTV was developed with a mobile-first audience in mind, purposely designed for how humans actually use their phone – full screen and […]

Andrew and Steve Preach AI/ML at #NZSOMO

The mammoth topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) was at the heart of a talk delivered by Andrew and Steve at Conferenz’s NZ Social Media Forum conference on July 23rd. Their talk aimed to give attendees a simple and clear overview of what this technology is, how it works and how it […]

store visits conversions

Google Store Visits Conversion Metric Lands in NZ!

It has to be said that Google fully deserves its success as a search engine be it only for the sophisticated and clever tools it puts at businesses’ disposal to analyse traffic and build informed online ad campaigns. Shopping has, however, become increasingly complex and, despite the wealth of information available in AdWords, it was […]

how to Google my Business

Simple How-Tos for Google My Business

Geolocation is increasingly important for retail businesses. Largely a mobile-driven phenomenon, the number of queries including “near me” has grown steadily over the years and, according to Google, a third of searches on mobile phones are indeed about finding local information. But if there is one thing that is frustrating for a customer, it is […]