How to showcase your products on Google for free

How to Showcase your Products on Google for Free! (1 minute read)

Do you want more exposure for your business? Get a better position on Google search results, for free?

Then read on, but first, make sure you have a Google My Business listing. If you don’t, click here and we’ll show you how (it’s free and easy to implement – bonus!)

Google My Business is great to help you with marketing your products online

The latest addition to Google My Business (still in test mode and not available to all just yet) is the Products feature, which gives you the ability to showcase some of your key products or specials by categorising them into Collections.

Under each Collection, you can add individual Products and each Product listing gives you the ability to include:

  • An image
  • Product name and description
  • Price
  • and add a URL link directly to your website.

So why use it?

Who doesn’t want more prime real estate on one of the biggest search engines on the internet!

This example is sitting close to the paid ads and the amount of space available is pretty impressive. Note, they’re also making good use of Product Posts within My Business as well. 

Easily advertise your products on Google My Business to help with your digital marketing

See below a real example from our good friends at (for those of you with more up top!).

Example Google My Business product listing for

Who should use this?

If you’re selling products or even services, get in there! Google are pushing this towards small to medium sized businesses so if they’ve made it available to you, get a jump on your competitors and set it up today.

How it Works

It’s pretty easy to use and Google provide some good step-by-step instructions here

But if you need a hand, we’re always here to help. Get in touch to speak to one of our experienced digital marketing consultants. 

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