Responsive Search Ads – More Space For Your Business!

Sometimes, 30 characters is just too damn limiting to get your message across. Hello to Google’s Responsive Search Ads. And hello to opportunities!

Introducing RSA, but not the one you are thinking 

Google’s new Responsive Search Ads (RSA) are built using up to 15 headlines and 4 descriptions in a single ad. The ads are shown on the search page as an ad consisting of up to 3 headlines and 2 descriptions chosen by Google’s ad automation.

The ads are optimised with This Side Up TLC along with machine learning. The automated machine learning is used to determine which headlines & descriptions work best in different contexts; ads will differ as they show to different people, on various devices, searching different things, etc.

The nuts and bolts

RSA Headlines

  • 30 character limit per headline
  • Displays up to three headlines instead of two
    • Raising character real estate from 60 to 90
    • Two headlines will always show
  • Ability to write up to 15 headlines per ad group
    • Google Ads will rotate headlines and test different combinations

RSA Descriptions

  • Description lines character allowance are increased from 80 to 90 characters
  • Up to two description lines may display
  • One description line will always show
  • Advertisers can write up to 4 description lines

Oh, the combinations!

Yes, the additional lines and characters are exciting! It also means that you need to take extra consideration of all the various combination scenarios and make sure that your headlines and descriptions make sense together, in almost any order.

Need to maintain a bit of control? There is also the option to ‘pin’ headlines and descriptions to certain positions. For example, if you need to show a disclaimer in every ad, you can write the disclaimer as a description, and pin it to Description position 1. That way, all ads that are shown to customers will include the disclaimer in the first part of the description.

Give me the benefits

The more headlines and descriptions that are entered mean there are more opportunities to serve your ads and reach potential customers. With the responsive search ads format, your campaign can help you gain creative flexibility, reach more potential customers and increase performance.

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