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This Side Up Now a Bing Advertising Partner

In February we were stoked to become a Bing agency partner which recognises This Side Up as a trusted agency for managing Bing Ads campaigns for our clients.

Over the years we have noticed an increase in the amount of search volume present on Bing in New Zealand and the associated amount of traffic we are able to generate for our clients through the platform. This is reflected in Microsoft’s recent earnings announcement showing 15% growth in search revenue in FY18 Q1 after first becoming profitable in 2015.

You might be asking What? Who the heck uses Bing? Well millions of people worldwide and plenty here in NZ! In fact Bing currently has around a 9% market share on search worldwide and as at the time of writing this, one third of the market in the USA so it is definitely a channel not to laugh at.

We think this comes down to a number of factors such as Microsoft employees and partners (of which there are well over 100,000) being encouraged or required to use Bing, certain display and performance features that users prefer over Google, a swell in Microsoft devices such as the surface series of laptops which search via Bing and even users in China who can’t access Google because it is blocked.

Sure, Google is streaks ahead of Bing but it definitely is the number 2 option for search if Google doesn’t return the results you are after.

In any case, in NZ there is a 5-10% share of the search market sitting on Bing ripe to be captured. There’s a good chance your competitors aren’t on Bing and the CPCs are super cheap so why not be there? You only pay when someone clicks!

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