Make the Most of Increased Mothers Day Online Search Traffic

It’s that time of year when we take time out to appreciate our Mum’s. All their hard work, dedication and commitment. Good on you Mum!

So when special occasions such as Mother’s Day (12th May – don’t forget!) or Valentine’s Day roll around, many people turn to the internet to find special gifts for their Mum’s, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives and ? pets (yes, we know you are out there).

The convenience factor

Online shopping is popular because of its convenience and the variety of products available in just a few simple clicks of the mouse. CLICK.

Just as high street retailers have targeted advertising campaigns around the special days of the year to attract customers to their business, so should online retailers! You need to be visible at particularly at times of the year when customers are wanting to spend money. It is always worth securing extra sales that you wouldn’t have ever had without the advertising.

Adwords is perfect for occasion-based marketing

There are three principal ways of marketing an online business – search engine optimisation (SEO), adwords (PPC, pay per click), and social media. SEO takes weeks or months to have an effective result and so is not a practical solution for yearly special occasions that have peak demand periods.

So where timing is everything. PPC, is perfect for occasion-based marketing, as it allows you to create an effective campaign quickly, with the advert appearing in the results just when you need it to tempt customers.

Time your campaign around increased demand

Below is a screen shot that shows the trend since 2004 for search terms such as “mothers day gifts”, “mothers day ideas”, “mothers day flowers”, “mothers day presents” (to name just a few).

It’s pretty obvious the increased mothers day online search traffic peaks in the lead up to Mothers Day, then it completely flatlines until 12 months later. This happens every year, and can be applied to ALL of the typical occasions celebrated.

Mothers Day - Online Search Demand Trend Since 2004

Like a tap, year after year

The great advantage of Adwords/PPC marketing is that you can analyse the results of each individual advert and alter or retain the wording to maximise effectiveness year on year, saving you time on having to create a new campaign each year. You can analyse your campaign, work out which keywords and ads delivered the best return, and then when the next year rolls around simply turn if back on, utilising all of the learnings from the previous year’s campaign!

It’s fast

Because an Adwords campaign is quick to create and implement, there is much more scope for instantly highlighting any specific promotions you have running for your customers around those special occasions of the year. The important thing is to research and use relevant keywords to your target market at the time.