Online Marketing Reporting Shouldn’t Be Painful, Right?

If you are an SEO Consultant, Digital Marketing Consultant or SEM Manager, you have probably spent many mind-numbing hours putting together reports for the powers that be or your clients on the success of your website marketing initiatives. Just collecting the data is bad enough—but bringing it all together in EXCEL can easily make anybody just literally lose it. Trust me, I’ve been there. It’s exhausting and inefficient.

But there’s help. I stumbled across DashThis and have never looked back. It’s a flexible online tool for no-sweat (read: painless!) reporting. In just a few clicks, you can automatically generate online marketing reporting dashboards, for Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and a multitude of other data sources, including in-house systems.

No more data entry. No more hours spent manipulating the data in a last-minute dash to getting your reports out the door. No more frantic sprints to analyse the darn data—which is where your value resides—and missing key insights because the report has to be sent to meet deadlines.

Here’s an example of what an online marketing monthly dashboard might look like, so you can get a feel for what I am talking about:

Online Marketing Services Monthly Report

In a nutshell: with DashThis, you’ll look like a god to your boss and clients. I’ve been using it for a few months now, and the clients love it.

DashThis packs a wallop of features that are a delight to both newbie and experienced web analysts. Here are the top 10 points worth mentioning:

1. Intuitive, completely visual editor
2. Wide variety of graphical displays, such as pie, line and bar graphs, gauges, and more
3. Many easy-to-add KPIs
4. Easy data aggregation, consolidation, and management
5. Dashboard grouping
6. Email alerts that can be set up to dispatch your dashboards to who you want, when you want
7. Manage several Google accounts with several profiles—all in one account
8. Ability to automatically calculate a whole bunch of metrics. If you are a mathematical gymnast, this tool is for you!
9. Ability to brand the reports with your firm or clients’ logo
10. Customised reports can be built for the more discerning, hard core analysts out there

So if you are looking for dashboards for Google Analytics, Adwords, or Facebook insights, then DashThis is definitely worth a look.

Furthermore, if you want assistance with customised, white labelled online marketing reports built to suit your needs, then the team at This Side Up can create attractive marketing dashboards tailored just for you – at low cost. Give us a call or email to learn more.