Are You Optimising the Rugby World Cup?

The Rugby World Cup is here and I want to congratulate those businesses that had the foresight to implement an SEO or Adwords strategy over the past 12 months.

optimised fo the rugby world cup 2011?

Why is that you may ask?

For the uninitiated, SEO stands for search engine optimisation. SEO is the art of attracting visitors to a website with the careful use of keywords and phrases relevant to your business. A successful SEO strategy requires time, patience and a long-term outlook.

Unfortunately, now it is much too late to start an SEO plan in order to capitalise on the RWC; however, Adwords (paid advertising) could achieve a quick result – so you still have time! Adwords help in the short term, providing you with instant visibility in the search engines, but they are not as effective as natural listings achieved through SEO.

Research shows that people click on natural listings about 85 per cent of the time, and Adwords around 15 percent. So if you come up in the natural listings, people are much more likely to click on the result which links through to your website. Natural listings are seen as more credible. 

Spike in Internet Traffic

Businesses related to tourism have experienced a spike in internet traffic recently, as worshippers of the ‘oval ball’ search for accommodation and activities to do while here in NZ. I expect this spike to continue during the tournament, so it’s now time for those that have developed an SEO or Adwords strategy, to enjoy a piece of the action!

Good on you for having the foresight to take advantage of this great opportunity. The improved google rankings for keywords relevant to your business should now be delivering the goods 🙂

On a personal level, my friend Felipe from Madrid in Spain is visiting especially for the tournament. He has spent a great deal on time planning his itinerary from his home in Spain — all with the help of our friend ‘Google’. This, I feel, illustrates just how businesses with SEO and Adword strategies will benefit from RWC.

Go the Naki!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the 6 weeks of rugby and look forward to seeing the AB’s take care of business. But if they don’t, I’ll take solace in the fact that after 15 long years Taranaki finally brought home the Ranfurly Shield 2 weeks ago. Go the Naki!